As a co-creator of unfold studios, all of my public classes are at unfold,  3249 SE Division.  We have an accessible parking lot on the east side of the building.  At unfold, we are committed to providing a joyous, friendly and deeply supportive community for your yoga and awareness practice.  Check out more about unfold here.

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Do you have questions?  Unsure what the right track is for you?  I offer free 15 minute consults in person or on the phone. Lets get to know each other and see what your path is!  

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unfolds Essential Yoga for Beginners
  • Have you wanted to try yoga but fear you’ll hurt yourself, get overwhelmed, or find it’s just too hard?

  • Have you been going to yoga classes but feel you lack a solid foundation?

In this 6 week program we will explore the timeless teachings of yoga so that you will be able to reduce your stress, sleep better, and move with ease.

In this exploratory series, you will:

  • Build confidence by learning the fundamentals of movement and postures

  • Explore yoga in a question-friendly environment with other newcomers

  • Relax the nervous system so stress melts away

  • Learn practices and yogic philosophy that you can use every day to increase your self care and well being

  • Get individualized support and guidance from Leigh to customize your practice to meet your body’s needs

unfolds Yoga for Back Care is an easily accessible practice with a focus on bringing gentle movement to the lower back and shoulders while strengthening the muscles along the spine and abdomen. Practice incorporates a variety of movements, with special care to the ability and depth of practice appropriate for each practitioner’s body.

unfolds Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that allows time to go deep, both mentally and physically. Through an experience of deep relaxation and letting go of stress, physical pain simply melts away - indeed, many people find chronic pain disappears with a consistent yin practice.

By holding very few poses for a longer time, your habitual self-talk can be heard more easily. You can explore your habits of movement (and habits of thought), discovering your own tools to release mental and physical stress and dissatisfaction. You are able to be calm and centered rather than at the mercy of your instant reactions.

This practice is done on the floor, with all poses seated or laying down.

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