About Leigh

A passion for yoga and community
led Leigh to co-create
unfold studios as a place where we all can practice yoga and awareness on and off of the mat. An expert level yoga teacher, she also offers individual yoga therapy and has been teaching yoga since 2009.

Leigh is particularly skilled at working with people who are new to yoga, or who are returning to a practice after one of life’s curves; perhaps with new limitations and respect for what the body can (or can’t) now do. Through her own healing journey after a serious injury, Leigh has learned how to apply all of the aspects of yoga, from the physical to the spiritual, in a way that makes her classes and individual sessions welcoming and supportive.

In practicing with Leigh, students explore personal limitations and freedom through awareness of the body and the thinking process. She is an expert in bringing calm and serenity into agitated space and guides people in pain to find their own sweet, quiet center.  Her encouraging presence strengthens our ability to be compassionate toward ourselves and our moment-to-moment experience by reminding us that none of us are alone; we are a community of individuals having a shared human experience.

A certified Yoga Therapist, Leigh uses Integrated Movement Therapy® as the foundation of her work.  She is registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500 (the highest level) teacher. Every year she re-inspires her teaching and deepens her own practice at the beautiful Land of Medicine Buddha Retreat Center, where she is guided by the amazing expertise of Paul & Suzee Grilley.